Commissioning of debt collection service

Commissioning of the SPT Collection Service is easy as we need only the following information from you in order to start the debt collection process:

  • A copy of the original invoice or other document about your debt
  • Information about any potential debt recovery measures taken by you
  • We shall be automatically calculating the penalty interest on your debt until the entire debt has been settled.

If there are no uncertainties in your assignment, the debt collection process will generally start upon the receipt of the assignment or, at the latest, on the following business day. You will receive a separate order confirmation about the start of the debt collection activities, which you can check to verify the accuracy of the information.

The debt has to be substantiated and undisputed, and has to be overdue, when the collection service is commissioned.

You can send a copy of the invoice, e.g. by attaching it to the e-mail message addressed to, by using our postage paid return envelopes, or directly via the invoicing software of our cooperation partners.

You can find additional information about the pricing of our collection services here.


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