Dispute or disagreement related to the debt

Upon ordering our service the customer has confirmed – and the terms of delivery of SPT Finland claims – that the debt is substantiated and undisputed. If however in your point of view that the invoice does not apply to you at all, or that the debt is otherwise unsubstantiated, you are kindly requested to express your objection against the debt collection in written form.

You can send the written objection via e-mail to, via post to our postal address Suomen Axactor Oy, Lutakonaukio 7, 40100 JYVÄSKYLÄ, or via fax to +358 14 3623 301. Having received your written response we shall suspend the collection process for the period of reviewing the response.

If you contest the debt you need to provide sufficient proof evidencing that the invoice is either fully or partly unsubstantiated. If you are unsure about whether the basis is substantiated, please contact our customer services. If a part of the invoice is unsubstantiated, the undisputed part thereof, along with the penalty interest and the debt collection costs, should nevertheless be paid to our customer funds account.

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